Namaste Beautiful Lightworkers!

Happy 2016 to you all!

My guardian Archangel, Aurora, woke me up a few mornings ago with a simple but cryptic thought. She said, “I’ll meet you the only place I can, in the Middle.”  I have been enchanted by this message every since. It touched me in numerous ways as I rolled it around in my thoughts for days cherishing each syllable.

I soon realized that the more I thought about the meaning, the less meaningful it was, and then I realized that, as she always does, Aurora filled this message with her incredible graceful love, so much so that it connected beyond the words straight into my core – literally into MY middle. Her love and Spirit has been full inside of me ever since, and I am truly happy and fulfilled. My heart smiles at the thought that that exact feeling is what this year is all about for each of us!

What would fill you up to the core? What could arise in your Being that would give you such a deep satisfaction, fullness, sustenance and support? What could plug the holes inside and steady your wanting? The absence of fear? The strength of a thousand angels? Peace? Whatever THAT is, know that IT is on your spiritual agenda and scheduled for delivery in this year!

2016 is going to be an incredible year of grounding your dreams into REALity and I have worked with my guides to create a program that will help you to align with your inner strength, to develop your incredible spiritual gifts, and to fire up your passionate heart. I am excited to help you in every possible way to fill up your MIDDLE so that you can truly begin living a LIFE THAT YOU LOVE and DESERVE!

My classes and workshops are very easy to participate in no matter what level of Self-Mastery you consider yourself to be at. In each one, you will experience channelled guided meditations to meet your guardians and teachers and elevate your energy. Basically, if you show up, Spirit will take care of the rest. Every event is designed and created with my team of Archangels and Ascended Masters with your highest and best good in mind, and in accordance with the higher realm’s spiritual directives for the current frequencies Lightworkers are now bringing to the world now.

You will have many opportunities this year to practice practical spiritual tools in your everyday life, to deepen your connection to your higher self and to your divine source, and to work with your guides to access more Love, Joy, Peace, Purpose, Healing, and Connection!

Everyone is welcome, so whether you are beginning the journey to connection and want to turn on your inner Light, a lifelong seeker of truth looking for like-hearted friends, or a weary Lightworker in need of a pick-me-up, I am glad to be of service to you and I hope you will attend a class soon!

Whether it’s in one of my classes, at a sacred healing retreat, or at the top of Mount Shasta in August, I look forward this year to meeting YOU the only place I can, in the MIDDLE: The Middle of Love; the Middle of Greatness; the Middle of EVERYTHING!!

LA Japan Headshot 6

Till then, I surround you in infinite Rapture and Quietude, in graceful Love and simple JOY!

Namasté beautiful friends! We are ONE, and I’ll see you in the MIDDLE!

Lee Ann Somers