A Gift of Love For You!


February 2016 Newletter Header

Hello beautiful Lightworkers and Happy Loving February!!

I just finished the most beautiful session in which my friend Serapis Bey appeared and gave me the most incredible gift of Love! I couldn’t wait to write about it, and with his permission, to share his gift with all of you!

It’s been a while since I channelled Serapis Bey, and I just fell in love with him all over again. To be honest, I am surprised that he melted my heart like he just did, because he hasn’t always had that affect on me. I guess you could say that he and I had a bit of a rocky start to our relationship, but it would be more appropriate to say I was really determined to avoid him at all costs when we first met. You see he was introduced to me as “The Disciplinarian” in Spirit – a title he takes quite seriously, and which I had no interest in.

“Discipline” to me had always equaled punishment, persecution, judgement, wrong doing and not-good-enough-ness. Months into to our distant friendship, Serapis showed up and very calmly said that he and I need to resolve our differences and figure out a way to train together.  Mind you, I was completely aware that the issue was 100% on me, but I was touched that he was polite enough to take some responsibility off my shoulders. It opened me up enough to consider his request, and I remembered that, like all of my other guides, he must be really good at something useful to me for my spiritual growth or he wouldn’t have come into my life. So I petulantly said that I didn’t mind HIM personally but that I had no interest in being disciplined (aka: punished).

He matter-of-factly replied that we would simply have to redefine discipline for me. Serapis then went on quite strongly saying that he had no interest in punishing me in any way, but that he had come to teach me to become a “disciple” of my own Light, to learn to honor my SELF above all things, and to bow to That alone. He was so direct, so on point, and so secure in himself that I couldn’t help but want some of that strength in me. I felt  ready to take on his lesson so I made a deal…I gave in with the understanding that if his wooden paddle (a memory from gradeschool) came out, I was bolting! To which, he laughed heartily and we’ve been friends ever since.

Now back to today…and his loving gift. So Serapis appeared as he often does looking like a beautiful Egyptian hunk, eye liner and all, holding a stunning white pyramid of light in his hands, and he reminded me that his white pyramid is a space holder for whatever we wish to be a “Disciple” to. Next he placed it into my heart chakra and said, “Place something in this pyramid that is a gift of Self Love, for loving yourself is always the highest honor you perform as a Disciple of your own Light.”

He then reminded me how to put “something” into his pyramid just by imagining it, and that by doing so I give him the ability to infuse it with all the Love and Power of Spirit so that the energy can be contained in Light across time and space and be manifested. His pyramid is like a womb for your wishes and it can be used for so many things: a dream/goal/project, a physical healing or part of the body that needs help, a quality of being that you want to cultivate, a psychic talent…really the sky’s the limit.

I took a few breaths and walked into my inner heart space and into my white pyramid, and then I began to envision all you, my soul brothers and sisters, beautiful Lightworkers of this realm, even those of you that I haven’t met here yet. My heart began to beam with so much love, admiration and respect, and I quickly realized that as I put you all into my pyramid that I am truly giving myself the gift of Love AS community, connection, a network of inspiration and friendship, partnership and so much more!

So with my heart full and overflowing with my Love for you, thank you!

Serapis suggested that “in Light” of Valentine’s Day coming up – pun intended by him – that we should send each of you a Valentine – a beautiful pyramid of magnificent Light to fill with your own Self Loving goodies: think Spiritual Chocolate for the Heart!

Please take a few minutes and call upon Serapis Bey and welcome his pyramid of Light into your heart chakra then envision it filled with a gift of Love for yourself that Spirit can hold a space for in the field of creation. Breathe gently and let the Love within your Heart grow and receive his blessings.

To answer the question I know you’re going to ask, yes you can have more than one! Don’t worry, he has an endless supply of pyramids and they can hold an infinite amount of energy, but he asks you specifically to make sure this first pyramid in your heart is a gift of Love for YOU!! Focus on one theme for now (an act of Discipline) and let it manifest lovingly, then you can have another one and another.

And yes, he has plenty for your friends too! Feel free to fill up his many extra pyramids with gifts of love or Self-Love for your friends and family and he’ll be glad to deliver them for you.

So on behalf of Serapis Bey, myself and all of SPIRIT we wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day and beautiful month full of Love including the best gift of all, SELF Love!

As always, You’re in my Heart, and we are ONE!

Namasté my friends!

Lee Ann Somers

P.S. I would love to hear your impressions of Serapis Bey and what gifts of Self Love you are giving to yourself so if you’d like to share what you are putting into your pyramid, feel free to email me at: LeeAnn@LeeAnnSomers.com