Post Hurricane tips for Lightworkers and Invitation to a World Healing Prayer & Meditation Gathering Tonight at Being U

Hi beautiful Beings!

I hope you all weathered the storm gracefully and peacefully!

You’ve all been in my heart from the Caribbean to the Carolina’s and I hope you’ve been feeling the love that our friends in Spirit are sending you. If you’ve been hit hard please remember to breathe and ground, to take one step at a time in recuperating and remember you’re not alone – we’re with you in Spirit.

I’ve been through a few storms since living here in Florida and while I got through this one without much of anything, I feel for all those who have been feeling fear, anxiety, and distress due to human preparations and our deep caring for each other, but I also want to give a heads up about the spiritual impact. As sensitive souls, please know that Hurricanes move energy! They stir things up, not just the Earth but also your energy, your chakras, your inner world. Take a moment to be still like standing in the eye of a storm and consider the impact on your soul.

Did this storm give you a chance to blow away the garbage in your life? Did it move you into a place of need so you could receive a gift of love and kindness? Did it shift you inwardly and move you from one place to another? Keep in mind this may take days or even weeks to manifest in your reality.

Hurricanes come in strong, they push the envelope of power, and at the same time ask us to release control and just trust. They can elevate our desires, bring great gusts of motivation, and twist your beings inside out so you can find out what you’re made of. They charge you to revamp and rebuild what doesn’t work, and they ask you to release the great worldly pressure that you are immersed in daily.

In the aftermath of this hurricane please be aware of yourself and those around you. Use a lot of extra compassion and patience and respect that everyone gets affected by this kind of energy.

I want to remind you also that we as lightworkers have a tendency to “Hold” energy so even those of us who have not really been affected physically by this storm might feel a little dizzy, twirly, or ungrounded.

My chakras were spinning out of control the other day and I couldn’t even catch my breath during a workout until my guardian angel reminded me that I was holding a hurricane in my heart. So I literally stopped everything and laid down on the ground and released the energy back into the hands of Spirit.

Many of us work in Spirit after-hours when we go to sleep – so please remember to honor your tiredness and physical or emotional sensations in your waking hours. Breathe, open your heart and relax into your feelings. You might need to cry for no reason, or laugh just to release. We are on Lightworker’s high alert and will remain the Spiritual FEMA team until all is back in order so honor your need for a nap or an extra hug even if that’s not your norm. Needless to say, we’ve been very busy in Spirit.

If you’d like to come and recharge your battery TONIGHT or if you’d like to do some lightwork together to continue the healing work, please join me tonight at BEING U for a World Healing Prayer & Meditation Gathering. World Peace & Healing Circle.png

From 7pm-9pm at
325 S. Federal Hwy Suite #329
Dania Beach, FL 33004 (Parking is in the Rear)

All are welcome! Your light matters and together we will make an even greater difference for all. If you can’t make it in person, we’ll see you in Spirit!

In Love and Oneness,
Lee Ann Somers