The Blue Ray starts on Sunday!

Hey Beautiful BEINGS!!


The 7 Rays are by far the most powerful and amazing tools that I have ever been blessed with and it is my pleasure to train you in working with these divine frequencies.

Not only have the Rays guided every step of my spiritual growth and journey, but they have also given me the gifts of incredible friendships with the Archangels of the Rays, teachings from the Ascended Masters, and tools to create a life that I love.

I would be my great honor to share all that I have learned with YOU!

This Blue Ray 5-Part Workshop kicks off a year long 7 Ray Series.

Know that you may join me for one or all of the Rays, as you wish, however I recommend you consider taking them all in order to reach your full potential.

The Blue Ray is the first step towards self-mastery. It guides us to reclaiming our power, becoming comfortable with it as a source of Love and developing the qualities of faith, trust and courage.

It teaches us to trust the Love and Light within and to express it with confidence, like a sword of power, in our actions and through our will.

If any of this captures your heart’s attention, then take a leap of faith with me and dare to find out what you’re really made of!

I look forward to helping you stand in your Blue power!!

Know that I believe in YOU,
Lee Ann Somers


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