Reignite Your Light Summit June 22-23, 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Hey Be-U-tiful Beings!
I’m getting so excited!!
I’ve been teaching workshops and doing private sessions in Japan for the last few weeks
and to be honest, all I can think about is getting home for the
“Reignite Your Light Summit”!
I have been working with my team in Spirit connecting to all who will be in attendance
and also to those can’t make it, but who will be connecting with us energetically,
and the energy is getting amazing!
I wanted to share with you some of the magical, spontaneous, heartwarming, healing,
and truly amazing breakthroughs and experiences that I have had
by attending these events in the past…
perhaps as a little nudge to entice you to take the leap of faith to join us.
I will never forget my first conference, I just knew in my soul that I needed to be there,
but pennies were tight, so Robin and Joelle graciously took me on as a volunteer.
It made all the difference being a part of the team for me.
I felt so much love and a sense of immediate belonging.
It gave me the opportunity to meet so many beautiful souls over the weekend that the love and kindness overwhelmed me! I realized that I was part of a community, a soul family really.
I remember thinking, “These are my people!”.
It was truly a homecoming and to this day, I have never lost that feeling that I belong.
The next time, I knew what to expect so it felt like a family reunion!
I jumped in the deep end of love and connection from the first second,
and I asked Spirit to really open up my heart, mind and soul!
That’s when the entire Universe showed up! Spontaneously, my “eyes open” psychic vision turned on that weekend and I’m pretty sure my jaw was on the floor for the next 2 days. I could see all the guides, masters, teachers, angels, archangels, and other light beings wandering the halls
and attending the conference!
I could see them walking up on stage with the speakers, moving into their auras as they channelled messages, and watched them wander around the room touching the attendees and opening up their chakras and doing instantaneous healings. There’s no words for how special that was!
At one of the other conferences, James Redfield was the Keynote speaker.
His book, The Celestine Prophecy, was a huge part of my awakening process,
so I decided to spend my time at the conference doing as his book instructs,
and I set the intention to follow the flow of synchronicity….and then it happened!
One synchronicity after the another, building in momentum and impact, until I actually landed in the elevator with him and had a 1-on-1 with him and thanked him for the difference he made in my life.
That wasn’t the only time that I used the conference as an opportunity to put into practice some new skill that I wanted to Master, actually I would set this intention for each new event.
I remember one year, I really wanted to learn how to create spontaneous immediate transformations for others, and go figure the whole weekend,
I had people coming up to me just to talk.
Every time something amazing would happen. A pure exchange of love, a kundalini awakening, a message from their guides that cracked them open, love, tears, dreams., healing, oneness….you name it.
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the coolest authors, teachers, consciousness coaches, artists, healers, musicians, and spiritual badasses around!
I can’t wait to see Dan Millman again and feel his peaceful warrior strength,
which by the way isn’t just his book, it’s his essence, and he’s contagious!
…And Dee Wallace…She blew me away the last time I met her!
She’s witty and connected and beyond seriously authentic, and in 5 minutes flat I witnessed her unravelled the unconscious lie we were all trapped in in that exact moment and 300+ people had a breakthrough. That’s POWER!
And I’m super excited to meet some new faces and share space
with a new generation of powerhouses!
Actually. this is just my list of things that wouldn’t make anyone freak out.
I didn’t mention feeling galactic frequencies, or what happened when I met my Higher Self for the first time, or the spontaneous astral traveling in the middle of the seminars, or the emotional breakthroughs.
But I will tell you about one more….
At the last conference, I made a secret wish….to be a speaker at the next conference.
Just saying…years later, at the very next conference, my dream is coming true!
So all this to say, this isn’t just an event…it’s a date with GOD / SPIRIT / UNIVERSE.
…To find yourself? …To manifest the love of your life?
…To find out what you’re made of?
…To get unstuck from fear forever?
…to be truly inspired and uplifted into grace?
…to unlock your divine connection?
…to access your inner and higher resources?
Whatever is in your heart, I’ll be there for you!
When you have enough positive energy and pure intention, anything is possible!
So dream big, set intentions, and by all means, come to the SUMMIT.
I look forward to seeing you there!
Let’s Reignite YOUR Light together!
Lee Ann Somers

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