Happy New Year, 2020!

Hey BeUtiful BEings!
Happy NEW Year!!!

I have a question for you…
How will you harness and wield your potential in 2020?
Whatever your creative impulses are calling you to embody,
however you wish to connect to your infinite Light,
and wherever you choose to shine your brightest,
know that I am rooting for you!
My heart has been ABLAZE with loving creative potential
and I can’t wait to share with you some of my programs for 2020.
That’s right…I’M BACK!!
As many of you know, I have spent the last two years really focusing my teachings in Japan,
and taking some very self-loving time for myself.
I have to practice what I preach, right?
I have been training in Spirit with my guides,
deepening my integration of the Rays
and grounding them into my life,
as well as taking them to a whole new level of Alchemy!
Now, at the dawn of this new year 2020
and in fact at the precipice of a whole new DECADE,
my heart and Spirit are overflowing
with wisdom, essence, and bliss,
and I just have to share it all with you, my peeps.
So, YES! I AM back!
Feeling stronger than ever,
brighter than ever,
and readier than ever
to connect with YOU.
I want to stand strong and steady with you this year!
So here’s my invitation to YOU….
Let’s open the flood gates of SOURCE this year!
Together, let’s bravely to take actions
in alignment with our divine inspiration….
Let’s fine tune our abilities to listen within to truth and passion
and remember who we ARE….
Let’s practice and master holding our vibration high and Light
amidst worldly challenges and negativity…..
Let’s not succumb to fears or insecurities, doubt or confusion, hesitation or defeat, or procrastination
or any of those other things that give us
fake reasons and false excuses to hold back our potential….
Let’s rise above them, and in spite of them,
and dare to ask, “What am I capable of?”….
Let’s listen to the call of the inner fire of Spirit
and respond with enthusiasm and delight
to the purpose we came here to serve…
Finally, Let’s unite, connect, commune and create, with Love,
Let’s serve and support the ever unfolding Light
of this world….TOGETHER.
Near or Far, in person, and in Spirit,
I look forward to manifesting a phenomenal 2020 with you!
With all my Love & Light,
Lee Ann
And to kick off the AWESOMENESS of 2020…
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Infinite Possibilities
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See you there BeUtiful BEings!


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