7 Rays to Manifesting A 1-Day Alchemy Workshop with Lee Ann

7 Rays to Manifesting with Lee Ann Somers

Hey BeUtiful BEings!


Following my lecture at January’s RYLE’s Infinite Possibilities Conference,

my guides kept me up for a whole week in Spirit

downloading lessons on how to work with the 7 Ray Alchemy

for the purpose of Manifestation, and

I can’t wait to share these teachings with you!


I warmly welcome you to attend my brand new Alchemy Workshop

7 Rays to Manifesting!


I will happily share with you, not only the consciousness

and wisdom of the Rays, but also,

really practical tools for you to create a life you love living!


Some of the topics we’ll be covering in this 1-Day Workshop Include:


·        Learn how to attract anything in the material world that you want to attract

·        Learn to manufacture chi/ki/the substance of creation to have the energy/

     matter you need to create from

·        Learn about the Laws of the Universe that work with the forces of

     manifestation and how to partner with them

·        Learn to partner with your guides, to delegate tasks, and to open your

     channels to receive

·        Heal blockages, known and unknown, that could be preventing you from

     accessing your greatest good, your divine supply, and your creative power

·        Learn about the 7 Rays and the role they can play in your life

·        Connect to your ArchAngels and Ascended Master Teachers, and ask them

     to partner with you in your creative process

·        Awaken the creator that you are!

·        And so much more!


As with all of my Ray classes, you’re not just here to listen and learn,

you’re here to shift, transform, transmute,

and to become that which you most authentically are – YOU!

Just by showing up to class, you give permission to the Rays

to integrate their Light technology into your Being.


Through discussions, channeled messages, guidance, and guided meditations, you will become attuned to the forces of creation – the Rays,

They are the forces and substance inside of all creation,

the actual ingredients of this creative field.


When you have access to the SOURCE energies,

the Power of Manifesting comes naturally!

But wait, there’s MORE!!

As you work with the Rays, you also gain access by default to the wisdom, love and power within each one of these Light technologies.

You also get the loving partnership of the teams in Spirit

that want to help you achieve your greatest potential.

So in other words, working with the Rays means that as you create,

ALL the forces of Love and Light in the UNIVERSE create on your behalf,



2020 is truly a year of Infinite Possibilities!

One of the main themes for Lightworkers everywhere this

year is to become self-responsible. 

This workshop is a great opportunity to start the year off right

by standing in your power, honoring YOUR supreme divine birthright

to be a creator, and to take conscious actions towards

your soul desires and purpose.


It’s time to step up your Manifesting Game, and start using

the gifts Spirit has given you, the Rays!


I look forward to see you in class, in person or online!


With all my Love and Light,

Lee Ann Somers

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