Only 24 Hours Until July’s Being U MASTERclass Begins

BEING U’s NEW MASTERCLASS Series offers you the opportunity to awaken your inner Light and harness your innate power so you can create from that illuminated space within, a valuable, joyful, and purposeful life you love!

Calling all spiritually-minded, heart-centered, self-empowered, committed, conscious Lightworkers, Helpers, Healers, Do-Gooders, Seekers, Yogis and Awakened BEings….You came to this life with determination and positive intention on a mission to experience personal growth and evolution, but also to serve a greater calling. Each of us is here to contribute to a collective mission to brighten up this world, and the greatest way to do this is to resonate our Soul frequency generously in service to all of Life. But you might be asking, What is my essence? Who AM I, really? HOW do I do that? What do I need to heal to function at this level? What does it all mean? In this MASTERCLASS Series we seek to answer these questions and so many more!

This MASTERCLASS Series is designed for the courageous ones, the visionaries, the realistic optimists, and the practical dreamers. It’s for those of you who will not rest until you know yourSELF, those who NEED to grow and to make a difference, those of you who dare to Love unconditionally even when it hurts, those who want to ground into this world because you KNOW you are capable of transforming it, and those who aren’t afraid to step outside of the “normal” box to become extraordinary.

This MASTERCLASS Series is all about giving you practical tools, transformational energetic access, higher awareness, spiritual teachings, and healing guidance from the 7 Rays so you can live your human experience in a spiritually integrated way.

There will be homework, or I should say, LIFEWORK, to encourage you to take these teachings outside of the classroom and down from the etheric planes into reality. You will have coaching from Lee Ann and her team in Spirit, not to mention, the entire Universe will have your back and show up for you to facilitate your shifts! Living Masterfully means partnering with your higher resources, and the boons of this Spiritual Integration work will be immeasurable.

The MASTERCLASS Series will be offered as a Zoom Webinar format in 4 Week (monthly) increments, each one highlighting a Soul Enriching topic.
Participants will have the option to register on a 4-Week Workshop-to-Workshop basis at the regular rate $144 or join BEing U’s MASTERCLASS MEMBERSHIP Program with Auto-Enrollment for a minimum of 3 months commitment for a special discounted rate of $111 per 4-Week Workshop. This MASTERCLASS SERIES BEGINS THURSDAY JULY 9TH so sign up today and reserve your space!

Register at:

The first 4 Week MASTERCLASS Series will focus on “BEing THE HIGHER SELF” to help facilitate the process of integration of your higher spiritual frequencies into your human energetic body and to really become your UNLIMITED YOU!

If you have to miss any LIVE Webinars of the MASTERCLASS workshops, know that they will be recorded and sent to you by email so don’t miss out on anything.

I look forward to sparking the inner flame of your Spirit and helping you to shine brightly and confidently into this world!
From my heart to yours,


Lee Ann Somers