BEING U Masterclass


Take a yearlong masterclass journey with Lee Ann Somers to “Rays Your Vibration” through the Healing Rays with Harmony, Unity, and Victoriousness. This masterclass meets live on Zoom on Thursdays evenings from 7 pm – 9:30 pm for the monthly 4 week classes and from 10 am – 6 pm for the months where there is a 1-Day Intensive masterclass.

2021 Being U Masterclass – RAYS YOUR VIBRATION!

That’s right my friends! After more than 4 years of teaching the Rays exclusively abroad in Japan, I am back teaching the Rays stateside!



Are you ready to know what you’re made of?

Have you been searching for answers to questions like, “Who AM I, Really?” and “Why am I here?”

Do you want to know the ingredients/aspects/qualities of your higher consciousness that you can call on to be the healing antidotes to fear, disempowerment, anger, disconnection, insecurity, pain, and everything else that takes you away from being your Light?

Would you like to access tools and techniques from your Light technology and the wisdom on how to use them in your everyday life to improve the quality of your human experience and to create joy, happiness, love, success, fulfillment, peace, purpose, healing, hope, balance, and everything else your heart truly desires? 

Are you looking to make friends in Spirit with super high vibrational Guides, Guardians, Masters, Teachers, and healing Angels and to develop your intuition and create a working relationship with SPIRIT/SOURCE/GOD not to mention your HIGHER SELF?

Do you feel called to open your heart and take a leap of faith onto your spiritual path? Are you ready to take responsibility for your Light and learn how to heal yourself and the world? Do you want to live a spiritually connected and purposeful life, including serving a higher purpose?

If you answered yes to any of these, then the BEING U MASTERCLASS SERIES – RAYS YOUR VIBRATION is for YOU!!

This is your chance to level-up your knowledge about the Seven Healing Rays so you can access your wealth of spiritual resources and materialize them into your Life experience for greater joy, love, abundance, purpose, peace and all good things, and to set the word ablaze with sacred Light and Love for the blessing of all of Life.

Here’s the Outline for BEING U’s


(Each MASTERCLASS is a 4 Week LIVE Zoom Webinar Program unless designated as a INTENSIVE which is a full 1-Day Workshop)

January  –     BEING BRAVE – Teachings from the Blue Ray   

February –    BEING BRIGHT – Teachings from the Yellow Ray

March –        BEING ENERGIZED – Teachings from the Pink Ray

April –           SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY 101 1-Day Intensive

May –           BEING PRESENT – Teachings from the White Ray

June –          BEING WORTHY – Teachings from the Green Ray

July –            (Intensive)

August –       BEING GRACEFUL – Teachings from the Golden Ruby Ray

September – BEING FREE – Teachings from the Violet Ray

October –      (Intensive)

November –  BEING UNITED – Teachings from the Aquamarine Ray

December –  BEING ONE – Teachings from the Opalescent Ray

With my whole heart, I welcome you to take the Rays! This is a program for Spiritual Self Transformation and it will truly change your life for the better!

Since we record these masterclasses, you are still able to join us even if you cannot join us live. You can also join at any time for an individual Ray or become a member and experience all 12 months.


This month we are switching things up a bit for the Masterclass and featuring a full 1-Day Webinar Workshop rather than the usual four evening format.


This will be a 1-Day Webinar style workshop from 10am-6pm including breaks throughout the day.

This workshop is designed to support Lightworkers at any stage of your spiritual awakening and integration process. The journey from having a spiritual awakening to achieving Self-Mastery/Realization is one that involves ever unfolding stages of healing, initiation, integration, and personal development. SPIRTUAL ALCHEMY 101 will unravel the process, center you on your path, and answer many of your questions. It will also provide you with a number of initiations and spiritual resources so that you have all the tools you need to successfully empower your life, open your heart, integrate your higher-self and connect to your Source.

Here’s a look at some of what’s to come….

  • Learn to open your energetic Channel to connect to your Divine Source and to ground into your Earthly connection
  • Access the 7 Rays of Consciousness and to step into your MASTERY training
  • Learn a simple daily practice to balance, protect, and shield your energy and learn to keep yourself spiritually connected so you can practice living consciously
  • Meet your personal team in Spirit including your Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and Teachers who are here to help you accelerate your healing and spiritual integration
  • Receive the 3-Fold Flame Initiation and harmonize the 3 divine aspects of your BEING
  • Discover which of the 7 Rays is your Life Path Ray. This is the Ray that has enormous influence on your spiritual purpose and the lessons you are here to learn. It also reveals the talents and strengths that you must develop, and the way you are meant to serve in this lifetime.
  • Expand your Lightbody to be able to hold and sustain more high vibrational life force energy and empower yourself with greater Love, Happiness, Peace, and all Good Things!!

This is going to be a wonderful opportunity to really find out what it means to be on a spiritual path, to learn about the different stages of awakening, and to work with your team in Spirit to take it to the next level, no matter where on the path you find yourself. This class will be for all levels and will be flexible based on the needs of the attendees. There will also be time for questions and answers, and, as always, we will follow the Grace and Guidance of Spirit to unfold whatever is in our Highest and Best.

I love being open-minded and open-hearted for a workshop like this, because the possibilities are limitless!! I look forward to shining brighter than ever with you beUtiful Awakening Masters!!