BEING U Masterclass

Take a yearlong masterclass journey with Lee Ann Somers to “Rays Your Vibration” through the Healing Rays with Harmony, Unity, and Victoriousness. This masterclass meets live on Zoom on Thursdays evenings from 7 pm – 9:30 pm for the monthly 4 week classes and from 10 am – 6 pm for the months where there is a 1-Day Intensive masterclass.

2021 Being U Masterclass – RAYS YOUR VIBRATION!

That’s right my friends! After more than 4 years of teaching the Rays exclusively abroad in Japan, I am back teaching the Rays stateside!



Are you ready to know what you’re made of?

Have you been searching for answers to questions like, “Who AM I, Really?” and “Why am I here?”

Do you want to know the ingredients/aspects/qualities of your higher consciousness that you can call on to be the healing antidotes to fear, disempowerment, anger, disconnection, insecurity, pain, and everything else that takes you away from being your Light?

Would you like to access tools and techniques from your Light technology and the wisdom on how to use them in your everyday life to improve the quality of your human experience and to create joy, happiness, love, success, fulfillment, peace, purpose, healing, hope, balance, and everything else your heart truly desires? 

Are you looking to make friends in Spirit with super high vibrational Guides, Guardians, Masters, Teachers, and healing Angels and to develop your intuition and create a working relationship with SPIRIT/SOURCE/GOD not to mention your HIGHER SELF?

Do you feel called to open your heart and take a leap of faith onto your spiritual path? Are you ready to take responsibility for your Light and learn how to heal yourself and the world? Do you want to live a spiritually connected and purposeful life, including serving a higher purpose?

If you answered yes to any of these, then the BEING U MASTERCLASS SERIES – RAYS YOUR VIBRATION is for YOU!!

This is your chance to level-up your knowledge about the Seven Healing Rays so you can access your wealth of spiritual resources and materialize them into your Life experience for greater joy, love, abundance, purpose, peace and all good things, and to set the word ablaze with sacred Light and Love for the blessing of all of Life.

Here’s the Outline for BEING U’s


(Each MASTERCLASS is a 4 Week LIVE Zoom Webinar Program unless designated as a INTENSIVE which is a full 1-Day Workshop)

January  –     BEING BRAVE – Teachings from the Blue Ray   

February –    BEING BRIGHT – Teachings from the Yellow Ray

March –        BEING ENERGIZED – Teachings from the Pink Ray

April –           SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY 101 1-Day Intensive

May –           BEING LIGHT– Teachings from the White Ray

June –          BEING WORTHY – Teachings from the Green Ray

July –            (Intensive)

August –       BEING GRACEFUL – Teachings from the Golden Ruby Ray

September – BEING FREE – Teachings from the Violet Ray

October –      (Intensive)

November –  BEING UNITED – Teachings from the Aquamarine Ray

December –  BEING ONE – Teachings from the Opalescent Ray

With my whole heart, I welcome you to take the Rays! This is a program for Spiritual Self Transformation and it will truly change your life for the better!

Since we record these masterclasses, you are still able to join us even if you cannot join us live. You can also join at any time for an individual Ray or become a member and experience all 12 months.

June’s Being Worthy: Teachings from the Green Ray

Join me this month for BEING U’s 4-Week Thursday night MASTERCLASS program!

Starting on June 3rd, join me for BEING U’s JUNE MASTERCLASS

“BEING WORTHY – Teachings from the GREEN RAY”.

Namaste beUtiful BEings,

Welcome to June’s Masterclass – Being Worthy: Teachings from the Green Ray. The Green Ray really does blow my mind every single time! It is the Ray of Truth, the Ray of Healing, and the Ray of Psychic Abilities, and it truly has the ability to open your mind to what the guides call Reality.

We don’t realize how much out what we live is based on perception of reality rather than reality itself which blocks us from our true manifestation power. When the mind is not plugged into truth, it cannot successfully create your goals and dreams, so the Green Ray comes in to destroy delusion, falsity, and lies and reconnects you to the fabric of life itself and to the power of Truth. It teaches you to work with the Universal Laws of Precipitation/Manifestation and how to work with the field of creation to bring into reality your Will.

To really lock you into your Green Power, the Green Ray team needs to do some healing work first to restore your worthiness, wholeness, and immaculateness, not to mention to open and recharge your 3rd Eye Chakra and all of your senses that feed it information to assimilate knowledge into understanding.   

In this MASTERCLASS, we’ll work with the Archangels Raphael and Mary and the Ascended Master Chohan Hilarion to really open up your Spiritual Health, improve your self-worth and bring you into a state of healthy relationship with the creative field of life around you.

Green Ray healing work accesses so many levels of your Beingness, so really, anything is possible! This Ray can fix the physical matrixes of your body (the systems, organs, tissues, nerves, etc.) as well as the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, even the quantum level and your DNA…really, there is nothing that the Green team cannot handle!

Here’s a look at some of what’s to come….

·     Meet the Archangels Raphael and Mary and experience the magnitude of their healing talents and to bridge the space between the heart and mind

·     Train with the Ascended Master Hilarion who teaches us what healing really means and who awakens the Healer within

·     Open the 3rd Eye Chakra and awaken your intuitive mind! This includes experiencing higher mindedness, cognition, higher insights and instincts, turning information into understanding, and improving your intuitive sensitivity

·     Heal your SELF WORTH AND SELF VALUE! Restore, regenerate, repair, and remember your wholeness, wellness, and worthiness

·     Green Ray is pure Nurturing energy for your mind, body, heart, Spirit, and Life

·     Enjoy connecting to your power to manifest in this physical dimension and work with the energetic grids of the Universe to upload and download information, intention, and will to see real results in your life

·     Let the Green Ray reveal the TRUTH that you have yet to see and to dismantle the illusions and delusions that stand in the way of your greatness

·     And so much more!!!!

I look forward to sharing this Green Ray with you and I know that it will bring you endless nurturing resources, deep healing energies, sacred mindedness, and the phenomenal gift of your knowing your Worth and Value!

Many Green blessings of TRUTH, HEALING, and WELLNESS to you all!

With all my heart, Namaste,

Lee Ann Somers