Being Victorious


BEING U’s BEING VICTORIOUS Series is a monthly program dedicated to aligning you with the Aquarian Age. The Aquarian Flame was lit at a planetary level on the Winter Solstice of 2020, and in 2021 there will be monthly energetic dispensations from Spirit for all Lightworkers who wish to tune in and support the grounding of the energies of this new Aquarian Age. This workshop is your chance to serve the Universe, to receive major energetic upgrades, to really ease your transition into this new way of Being as easily as possible, and to have tools and action steps to implement this new consciousness.    

BEING VICTORIOUS MONTHLY SERIES begins on Saturday, January 23rd, and you won’t want to miss it!

(FYI, if you can’t make it LIVE, recordings will be available)

Here’s what is to come in BEING VICTORIOUS:

January – VALOR – January 23, 2021     

February – VISION – February 21, 2021

March – VIBRATION – March 27, 2021

April – VITALITY & VIGOR – April 11, 2021


June – VALUE



September – VICTORY

October – VELOCITY

November – VARIETY

December – VASTNESS

Each monthly workshop for the BEING VICTORIOUS Series will include messages and teachings from the Masters, Teachers, and Archangelic Guides on the Rays about the topic, an energetic clearing to remove unwanted energies, and a powerful healing attunement to bring in the new Aquarian frequency.  

For March:


So, what does this Aquarian Age VIBE feel like? What does it DO, and how does it DO it? And can we do IT too?

Or better yet, how can we BE it?

I welcome you to join me for the “BEING VIBRANT” workshop on March 27th to explore these and other amazing lessons with the Aquarian team in Spirit.  

My beUtiful friends, now is the time for a Soul Vibrational Aquarian Makeover! Join me for some beautiful guided meditations, messages from the Aquarian team in Spirit, and energetically attune to the next wave of BEING VICTORIOUS!

Here’s some of what’s on the BEING VIBRANT agenda:

  • Energetically reset your Light Body to a higher vibration
  • Vibrationally attract higher Universal resources
  • Reboot your Oneness connection and up-level the quality of the Love & Light within you
  • Synchronize your vibration with the Aquarian Age vibration to ease your shifting process that is rapidly transitioning us through out of our Piscean comfort zones into ever deepening layers of inner balance and unity
  • Revisit questions such as “What is Vibration?” or even “What is Energy?” and “How can I raise my vibration and sustain a higher state of being?” (We might know the Piscean answers to these questions, but isn’t it time to open a little more and to refresh what we think we know in the Aquarian sense?)
  • Learn a number of ways to use your higher vibration in everyday life to create your goals

I look forward to VIBRATING higher with you!