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November MASTERclass ~ Being Opalescent Begins on Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Welcome to your Spiritual Maintenance Plan with Lee Ann Somers

A little bit of self-love and spiritual practice goes a long way to help support your overall happiness, well-being, and self-fulfillment, but it’s not always easy to take care of YOUR needs and to honor yourself.   

Trust me, I know what that feels like to balance being human and being spiritual, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably need a plan of action to give you that encouraging nudge to help you remember that it’s truly important to take care of YOU!  

If you’re ready to reboot your spiritual regimen, to compliment your existing spiritual practice, or to take your Lightworker training to the next level, then I have the perfect plan for you!  

This Spiritual Maintenance Plan meets online on Mondays at 7 pm and is designed to support Lightworkers at any level of training with their spiritual practice with weekly programs highlighting heart-opening, soul-inspiring guided meditations, energetic clearing, and spiritual training tips and tools that will BLESS YOUR LIFE!   

The monthly program is as follows:
¨    Healing with the Archangels – WEEK 1  – Experience the Love and Healing power of a different Archangel each month and learn to call upon them for assistance and guidance in your everyday affairs;   ¨     Lessons from the Ascended Masters and Teachers – WEEK 2  – Meet the most amazing guides from the Ascended Masters and Teachers realms in Spirit and receive their activations, initiations, lessons, healing and empowerment training;
¨     Working with the Alchemy of the Healing Rays – WEEK 3  – Receive energtic upgrades and spiritual resources from the 7 Cosmic Healing Rays, and the Secret Rays, to maximize your spiritual ascension training, to accelerate your spiritual integration process into your human reality, and to activate your soul purpose in this lifetime;  
¨     Lightbody Maintenance & Energy Clearing – WEEK 4  – This week focuses on some aspect or aspects of your energetic Lightbody maintenance and will cover topics such as: balancing your chakras, clearing unwanted energy cords, releasing attachments that no longer serve you, processing your repressed emotions, integrating your lost soul fragments, clearing your karma, etc.

This Spiritual Maintenance Plan will help you to:
·        Connect to your HIGHER SELF and your HIGHER SOURCE ·        Increase your Self-Love, Self-Worth, and Self-Awareness ·        Strengthen your energetic channel and raise your vibration  ·        Release your physical, mental and emotional stress for optimal health and well-being 
·        Sharpen your meditation skills to create greater peace, happiness and balance
·        Tap into your inner power, strengths, talents, and access your spiritual resources
·        Expand, develop and fine-tuning your intuitive abilities  ·        Awaken your spiritual plan for this life, and align with your soul purpose
·        And last but not least, you’ll make some invaluable friends in Spirit! 

This program is designed for all levels and has no prerequisites and the best time to begin is always in your perfect NOW moment.  
I look forward to supporting your spiritual intentions and helping you to shine your Light even brighter!  

Spiritual Maintenance Plan Enrollment & Pricing: 
Beginning in November, Monthly Enrollment is $44/month  
* AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST : Let us set you up for success with automatically renewing invoices to ensure continuity of your Spiritual Maintenance Plan.   


A Chance to Commune, Connect, Create, Heal, Meditate, Receive Messages, and just BE U!

Live Online Event ~ $20/month

Reignite Your Light Events and Lee Ann Somers have partnered together to create a wonderful monthly webinar series to nourish and refresh your Soul!

This evening will refill your heart, mind, body, and Soul with hope, peace, and loving healing Rays while fostering support, compassion, friendship, and oneness with heart-centered like-minded BEings, like yourself.

Let’s come together as one soul family to synergize our energy, to celebrate our gift of life, and to remember our beautiful INNER LIGHT and let it shine. We will connect to our divine Source, Guides, and Guardians and powerfully unite our intentions and prayers to heal this world!

I look forward to connecting with you all in this sacred space of unconditional acceptance, harmony, and grace, and I welcome you to refresh your Spirit, relax into the Rays of Love, and receive messages from our guides to enliven, awaken, heal, restore, and inspire you on your path.


Lee Ann