Join me TONIGHT for Spiritual Council Night on “Gratitude & Blessings”

Hey beautiful BEings!!
and experience a wonderful evening of messages from the Archangels
and Ascended Masters on the topic of “Gratitude & Blessings”.

We are in between two amazing Galactic portals 11:11 and 12:12
so NOW is the perfect time for “downloading” blessings and thank “us” gifts from Spirit!
I have it on pretty good authority that our Council has some surprise upgrades
for us this evening so I hope you can make it!

I wish so many blessings to you all!!
I am so grateful for all that you do just by BEING YOU!!
With All My Love,
Lee Ann Somers




11:11 Galactic Grids Meditation Tonight!

Hello beautiful BEings!!
WOW the 11:11 energy is so rich today!!! I hope you feel the positive vibes coming at you from Source and the Universe.

Please consider joining me tonight at Being U for a wonderful Galactic Grids Meditation evening to link up with the cosmic field and download all kinds of divine goodness, love and light!

We being at 7:30pm so please arrive early if you need to register or pre-register at the link below. I look forward to touching the stars with you!
Lee Ann




Happy November to All!

Namaste beautiful BEings!!
I wish you so many blessings and so much love for a fabulous November !!
I am sending out a copy of Being U’s November Calendar for your fridges so that you don’t miss any of the soul supporting classes and workshops that we are having this month.
I hope you can join me to shine some light and share some love soon!
All my best,
Lee Ann Somers

slide1Being U November Calendar


Being U’s November Calendar of Events

Hi beautiful BEings!
May you be surrounded and blessed with so much love light and joy this month! HAPPY (early) THANKSGIVING!!

I hope you will join me in November for some of the exciting programs and special guests that we have coming to Being U. There’s so much to be grateful for and right now I am grateful for the wonderful and talented BEings of love and light who will be joining us this month to share their soul’s wisdom and beauty with us.

We’re kicking off the month with the amazing Stacey Greene who will be sharing with us her beautiful Mandala Workshop and her Sacred Dance Workshop on Saturday the 5th…

Next Being U welcomes back the beautiful Lorraine Meyer for an evening of Integrative Breathwork to open the sacred breath for healing and transformation.

Then we have an old friend and an amazing spiritual teacher joining us for the first time… SarahSpiritual  will be joining us on November 15th to help us learn to “Live Life in the NOW!”

Then for all of you who love sacred tools – you’re going to love meeting Randy Uhlman, the creator of Being U’s Genesa Crystals. He will help you to learn more about these sacred geometric forms and how to use them for healing yourself and the world….he will be here  on November 17th.

Be sure to join our resident yogi, Carolina Russ for not 1 but 2 Special Yoga Series nights: first she will be introducing her guest Danna Pycher for “Yoga Flow & Regression Therapy”  (as in past life regression meets a yoga class! ) and second, for a post Thanksgiving feast therapy session on “Yoga Detox” on November the 25th.

There are many other exciting things going on at Being U this month and I hope you will join me to open your heart and stock up on so much loving support former guides and spiritual practices. As we head into the holidays it becomes too easy to put ourselves last on our list, so remember to be kind to yourself and honor your needs. Fill your heart mind and spirit with so much gratitude and the blessings will continue to flow.

I’ll be here for you anytime you need a recharge of your battery whether you come for a RockStar healing night, to hear some messages from your Angels, Guides and Master Teachers on the Council night, or even just to enjoy a beautiful morning meditation and chanting time to start your day on the right foot.

With all my heart and so much love, I bow to you, NAMASTE!
Lee Ann Somers

PS> Please notice that the dates for Angel Healing Night and AAA have been changed from the old flyers. Please make sure to update your personal calendars. THX

PPS> Know that you can become a “BEing U  Member” at anytime and our grand opening special still applies… Monthly Membership is only $44 per month and that includes your first class of the month! You’ll also get member rates on all of our programs which will be well worth the savings if you plan on coming to more than 2 events per month. This program is designed to save you money, not cost more so please consider it. Also, November’s membership fee is waived as our thank you so you won’t be billed until the end of November for your December dues. By the way, you also get a 10% discount on all purchases in our Being U store.
Please contact Lee Ann or David to sign up for a Membership and begin your savings today!
(*This special offers requires a minimum commitment of 3 months of membership then you can cancel at anytime afterwards with 30 days notice. )


Join Special Guest Stacey Greene this Saturday … for Mandalas & Sacred Dance Workshops

Being U welcomes special guest Stacey Greene this Saturday for two amazing creative workshops on Mandalas and Sacred Dance. See the flyers below for details. No experience is necessary.

Pre-Registration by Wednesday is Required as materials will be provided and prepared so please reserve your space by clicking the links provided.

I look forward to creating some beautiful energy with you! All my love,
Lee Ann

Click Here to Register for Mandalas


Click Here to Register for Sacred Dance

Only a few seats left for Kane this Saturday!

Hi beautiful BEings!

I hope you can join me for an incredibly powerful workshop this Saturday with my very special guest Kane.

His “SOUL FREQUENCIES & ACTIVATION WORKSHOP” will help you to identify what your soul frequency is and Kane will be able to remove blockages to your energetic flow so that you can get onto your Soul Path.

Kane is amazing and easily one of the most gifted spiritual teachers I have had the pleasure of working with. Any chance to be with him is enlightening and uplifting. I always leave his company feeling more naturally in alignment with my soul frequencies and I can’t wait to share his wisdom with you.

I hope you can join us this Saturday from 11am-4pm!

All my love to you all!
Lee Ann


Kane Soul Clearing.png


The Blue Ray starts on Sunday!

Hey Beautiful BEINGS!!


The 7 Rays are by far the most powerful and amazing tools that I have ever been blessed with and it is my pleasure to train you in working with these divine frequencies.

Not only have the Rays guided every step of my spiritual growth and journey, but they have also given me the gifts of incredible friendships with the Archangels of the Rays, teachings from the Ascended Masters, and tools to create a life that I love.

I would be my great honor to share all that I have learned with YOU!

This Blue Ray 5-Part Workshop kicks off a year long 7 Ray Series.

Know that you may join me for one or all of the Rays, as you wish, however I recommend you consider taking them all in order to reach your full potential.

The Blue Ray is the first step towards self-mastery. It guides us to reclaiming our power, becoming comfortable with it as a source of Love and developing the qualities of faith, trust and courage.

It teaches us to trust the Love and Light within and to express it with confidence, like a sword of power, in our actions and through our will.

If any of this captures your heart’s attention, then take a leap of faith with me and dare to find out what you’re really made of!

I look forward to helping you stand in your Blue power!!

Know that I believe in YOU,
Lee Ann Somers


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