Reignite Your Light Summit

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Hey Be-U-tiful Beings!
With all my heart, Namaste!
I have HUGE NEWS to share…
The Universal Lightworkers Conference is BACK!!
Actually I should say, REIGNITED as the new

“Reignite Your Light Summit”

It’s going to be BIGGERBRIGHTER, AND BETTER than ever before!
And this year, I get to be a part of one of the most amazing teams
of Lightworkers, Healers, Speakers, and High Vibrational BEings
who have the honor of helping YOU to Reignite Your Light.
For those of you who have know me for ages, you know that I attended The ULC yearly
as a part of my spiritual awakening practice,
so to be a presenter this year is really a dream come true for me!
The energy you’re going to experience at this gathering is truly one of a kind!
It is hosted by one of the purest hearts that I have ever met, Robin Rose,
and co-hosted this year by Joelle St. Germaine, one of the most devoted spiritual event organizers that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
They always select the highest quality presenters with impeccable energy,
the intention they set is divine, and the space that that is created is so saturated with love
that true healing and transformation becomes possible just by showing up.
For 9 years I attended the ULC and I witnessed miraculous transformations
happen for those in attendance right before my eyes.
Personally speaking, every ULC conference I attended was a catalyst for a quantum leap
into the next phase of my spiritual growth and mastery process.
With so much Love and Light concentrated into once space,
and held with the highest intention to serve the Light within you,
I can guarantee this will be the weekend of your LIFE!!
Please join me at the 2019 Reignite Your Light Summit,
and together we’ll Light Up The World!
With All my heart,
I bow in Oneness to the Light within YOU,
Lee Ann Somers


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before June 10th and receive $50 off your Registration Fee


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The Reignite Your Light Summit — Your Transformative Journey Begins Here!
June 22nd -23rd 2019 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Westin Fort Lauderdale Florida

Experience this LIVE 2 day, one of a kind, spirit-filled, soul empowering, vibration raising weekend with a group extraordinary Visionaries in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Melt into the collective energies of people coming together for an uplifting, weekend of soul transformation. The inspiration, guidance, and tools you’ll receive this weekend are designed to propel you forward on life’s journey with Purpose, Power and Insight. It’s time to manifest your hearts desires, be truly happy and feel completely fulfilled in life. It’s time to Reignite Your Light!

Regardless of any obstacle you may be facing, you can accomplish your goals with a little insight and an open heart. It’s not as hard as you might think to close the gap from where you are now to who you want to be.

You are on Earth to DO something BIG.
You are the Light my Friend!

And we are honored to support and hold space for you to Reignite and Experience that Divine Spark that lies within You.

Imagine yourself in a space surrounded by an incredible tribe of other willing participants doing the inner and outer work required to make their dreams of a fulfilling happy life come true.

Welcome to the Reignite Your Light Summit!

This is an in person, hands on, full body experience designed to impact the mind, body, and spirit of all who attend. It is one of our greatest desires to assist you in opening your hearts so you can reclaim the greatness you are created to be. Through the joy of ceremony, we’ll dance, sing, meditate, and hear inspiring messages from our presenters all designed to reignite that infinite light that creates our universe.

Let’s make your wildest, most magnificent dreams a reality! If you’re ready to set your life in motion, the Reignited Your Light Summit is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

The wonder and wisdom of Infinite Possibilities awaits!

Registration: Standard – $297             VIP – $397 until May 31st then $450


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