Spiritual Maintenance Plan

Watch this video to learn more about Lee Ann’s monthly Spiritual Maintenance Plan Series.


June’s Spiritual Maintenance Plan: Being Value

BEING U Spiritual Maintenance Plan on Monday evenings from 7pm-8pm, is a great way to boost your spiritual practice or to start one. Everyone is welcome as we explore BEING VIRTUOUS together.

May 31st – WEEK 1: Healing with the Archangels – This month at Being U, we will be exploring the Aquarian theme of Value. To kick this off, we begin with a powerhouse Archangelic healing opportunity to work with Archangel Mary to heal your self-worth and reveal to you your TRUE Value according to the Universe.

June 7th – WEEK 2: Messages from the Ascended Masters – Join me for a Value-full meditation to increase your Value energetically, and I will also be giving mini-readings from the Masters to you about how to create more value in your life.  

June 14th – WEEK 3: Alchemy of the 7 Rays – Tonight we ask the question, “What is the most valuable thing that I can receive from each of the 7 Rays?”, and then, of course, we receive, attune to, and integrate those valuable gifts. 

June 21st – WEEK 4: Energetic Clearing – Are you ready to expand your power of manifestation by removing unconscious energetic blocks and even karma that are hijacking your creative power?  Tonight, is all about clearing the energies related to lack, poverty consciousness, struggle, self- denial, and self-punishment that stops you from creating more value content in your life. You aren’t going to want to miss this one! 

You can join in LIVE or by REPLAY for the whole Spiritual Maintenance Plan for April for $33 or for just the evenings ($11 for each class) that call to your Spirit, as your heart wishes! Week to week you get to bask in the BeUty of your Light, nourish your Spirit, and take care of YOU!

This program is designed for all levels and has no prerequisites and the best time to begin is always in your perfect NOW moment.

I look forward to supporting your spiritual intentions and helping you to shine your Light even brighter!

With all my Love and Light, 
NAMASTE, and thanks for BEing U!!!
Lee Ann Somers

Spiritual Maintenance Plan Enrollment & Pricing: 
Monthly Enrollment is $33/month  
Weekly Enrollment is $11/class