Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Video Message from Lee Ann Somers and information on her 2021 events.

Namaste BeUituful BEings!!!

And if I haven’t said this to you already, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!!

2021 is going to BE a phenomenal year!!

My heart is full of joyful excitement for the many opportunities for conscious personal development, building spiritual velocity, and for grounding the Aquarian Flame energies into this new era!

There is truly a great energetic revolution taking place in the world, and I am so grateful to be aware of and an active part of this POSITIVE SHIFT, and I know you are too!

So with my abundant love and in the Spirit of serving the greatest divine potential, I am happy to announce that the theme for BEING U’s 2021 Curriculum is:


This 3 part Agenda spans across the entire year to offer a spiritual training program for Lightworkers on all stages of your journey from beginner to Mastery.

At BEING U, everyone is always welcome, just BE YOU. 

Part 1 of Being U’s 2021 Curriculum is “BEING VICTORIOUS

This year I will be working diligently with my team in Spirit to channel teachings from the Rays on what BEING VICTORIOUS really means for you personally and for the collective.  Every month, a new energetic frequency from the Aquarian Flame will become available to Lightworkers, and I will be channeling an energetic attunement for each new Aquarian Ray, as well as, allowing each vibration to permeate all the programs being offered for the month.

Think of it this way — In 2021, you’ll be able to spiritual train in and be attuned to 12 NEW never before available frequencies of the Violet Flame energy that will be essential to grounding the consciousness, the qualities, and the energy of the Aquarian Age in the Here and Now – VICTORIOUSLY.

BEING VICTORIOUS MONTHLY SERIES begins on Saturday, January 23rd, and you won’t want to miss it!

(FYI, if you can’t make it LIVE, recordings will be available)

Here’s what is to come in BEING VICTORIOUS:

January – VALOR      

February – VISION




June – VALUE



September – VICTORY

October – VELOCITY

November – VARIETY

December – VASTNESS

Each monthly workshop for the BEING VICTORIOUS Series will include messages and teachings from the Masters, Teachers, and Archangelic Guides on the Rays about the topic, an energetic clearing to remove unwanted energies, and a powerful healing attunement to bring in the new Aquarian frequency.  

Part 2 of BEING U’s 2021 Curriculum is “RAYS YOUR VIBRATION!”

That’s right my friends! After more than 4 years of teaching the Rays exclusively abroad in Japan, I am back teaching the Rays stateside!



Are you ready to know what you’re made of?

Have you been searching for answers to questions like, “Who AM I, Really?” and “Why am I here?”

Do you want to know the ingredients/aspects/qualities of your higher consciousness that you can call on to be the healing antidotes to fear, disempowerment, anger, disconnection, insecurity, pain, and everything else that takes you away from being your Light?

Would you like to access tools and techniques from your Light technology and the wisdom on how to use them in your everyday life to improve the quality of your human experience and to create joy, happiness, love, success, fulfillment, peace, purpose, healing, hope, balance, and everything else your heart truly desires? 

Are you looking to make friends in Spirit with super high vibrational Guides, Guardians, Masters, Teachers, and healing Angels and to develop your intuition and create a working relationship with SPIRIT/SOURCE/GOD not to mention your HIGHER SELF?

Do you feel called to open your heart and take a leap of faith onto your spiritual path? Are you ready to take responsibility for your Light and learn how to heal yourself and the world? Do you want to live a spiritually connected and purposeful life, including serving a higher purpose?

If you answered yes to any of these, then the BEING U MASTERCLASS SERIES – RAYS YOUR VIBRATION is for YOU!!

This is your chance to level-up your knowledge about the Seven Healing Rays so you can access your wealth of spiritual resources and materialize them into your Life experience for greater joy, love, abundance, purpose, peace and all good things, and to set the word ablaze with sacred Light and Love for the blessing of all of Life.

Here’s the Outline for BEING U’s


(Each MASTERCLASS is a 4 Week LIVE Zoom Webinar Program unless designated as a INTENSIVE which is a full 1-Day Workshop)

January  –     BEING BRAVE – Teachings from the Blue Ray   

February –    BEING BRIGHT – Teachings from the Yellow Ray

March –        BEING ENERGIZED – Teachings from the Pink Ray

April –           (Intensive)

May –           BEING PRESENT – Teachings from the White Ray

June –          BEING WORTHY – Teachings from the Green Ray

July –            (Intensive)

August –       BEING GRACEFUL – Teachings from the Ruby Ray

September – BEING FREE – Teachings from the Violet Ray

October –      (Intensive)

November –  BEING UNITED – Teachings from the Aquamarine Ray

December –  BEING ONE – Teachings from the Opalescent Ray

With my whole heart, I welcome you to take the Rays! This is a program for Spiritual Self Transformation and it will truly change your life for the better!

While we began Being Brave – Teachings from the Blue Ray, since we record these master classes, you are still able to join us. You can also join at any time for an individual Ray or become a member and experience all 12 months.

Part 3 of Being U’s 2021 Curriculum is “UNITE THE LIGHT

2021 is a year to UNITE the LIGHT!

Looking back on 2020, it’s easy to see a year of great challenges that exposed layers of duality and disfunction across every aspect of our lives personally and collectively here on planet Earth, but my friends, 2020 was also a year of higher purpose, intense transmutation, and an opportunity to recenter into our Light for the higher good of all.

On the surface, 2020 appeared to be a whirlwind of challenges in various degrees of difficulties that we faced, and an unprecedented exposure to feelings of hopelessness, isolation, disconnection, boredom, depression, separation, loss of purpose, powerlessness…the list goes on and on….

But underneath the surface, there was a hidden agenda so to speak, one that was supported consciously and unconsciously by Lightworkers around the world and in partnership with the multitudes of beings in the higher illuminated realms.

The goal of all this clearing work was in great part a big final push to transmute the remaining reservoir of lower vibrational gunk in our planetary karmic field, which needed to get exposed and cleared out in order for the Flame of the Aquarian Age to be lit by the Winter Solstice Deadline at the end of 2020.

And we succeeded!!!!

The Aquarian Age Spark was able to be lit in our planetary girds, in the hearts/minds/bodies of those who have assisted in the process, and through the etheric temples in the higher planes of consciousness that feed our world with spiritual resources.

I cannot express the magnitude of this positive shift and the gratitude that I feel in my Soul for what is to come and for what is now here.  While there are going to be a few years ahead that will continue to cause bumps in the road energetically (through 2023) as we move from the Piscean Consciousness of the last 2000+ years into the new frequencies of the Aquarian Age, there is still so much to be optimistic about.

So as a part of 2021’s BEING U directive, our Soul mission so to speak, we are going to UNITE THE LIGHT, between the Piscean and Aquarian Ages, between SELF & SPIRIT, between the tribes of Light here in the world, and throughout this beautiful Universe!

While I am not sure how this will play out, I am sending out Rays of Golden Light from my heart to the ends of the Earth and energetically offering to connect with Lightworkers and Light tribes around the globe to create possibilities of interconnection, collaboration, and graceful UNITY. I welcome the highest and purest to accept and I look forward to grace bringing the leaders of Light on this planet together to UNITE OUR LIGHT in ONE LOVE, ONE LIGHT, ONE WORLD.

Together we will build a network of peace, empowerment, sincerity, trust, security, devotion, kindness, inclusion, and higher service. We will UNITE THE LIGHT in our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits and throughout this world together. 

With so much Love, I wish you all infinite blessings, and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!!

Lee Ann Somers