BEING U’s June Video Newsletter

NAMASTE beUtiful BEings!!


I don’t usually send out a mid-month newsletter to you, but I just couldn’t help wanting to blast some extra loving vibes in your direction today!

There’s so much energy pumping acceleration and abundance into the world around this Solstice, and I wanted to remind you to take a few minutes to ground yourself into your LOVE & LIGHT so that you don’t feel too all over the place or overwhelmed by the surge.

This time of year is always a great opportunity to make a BIG shift, to ask for a BIG blessing, or to create a BIG new reality,

so by all means, draw on these solar resources and think BIG!!!

Play BIG! Dream BIG! Build BIG! BE BIG!!


May the Spirit of SUMMER hold you in its BIG bright love, and nourish your intentions and creative force into full manifestation!

May this SOLSTICE raise your vibrational abundance and bless you in every beautiful way!

May your heart, mind, body, and Spirit feel the warmth of the Sun and feel energized, happy, radiant, free, and full of positive energy!

May all the abundance of the Universe smile upon you as you pass through this Spiritual gateway into AUSPICIOUS BEINGNESS!


Our next quality in the AQUARIAN ATTUNEMENT Series is “VALUE”, and I can’t think of a more perfect way to ground all of this Solstice energy into tangible reality than to invite you to share this sacred energy with me!

I have been getting a lot of amazing feedback from attendees and messages from many others who want to participate, but who can’t do week nights, so forgive me for a last-minute shift, but in order to include as many of you as possible to join me for this month’s workshop, I have moved it to SATURDAY, JULY 3rd from 10am-1pm.

For those of you who haven’t participated in the AQUARIAN ATTUNEMENT Series yet, know that everyone is welcome to attend.

Here’s a sneak peek into what we do in this monthly series:

  • Experience multiple channeled guided meditations to help you download and integrate the AQUARIAN RAY frequency of the month — The month of June is all about Being VALUABLE (even though we’re meeting for class in the beginning of July), which will not only heal all aspects of your SELF WORTH, but it will also help you to draw upon even more energetic value from the Aquarian Flame, the heart of the Aquarian Age
  • Receive personal and group messages from the Aquarian Guides and Guardians, including St. Germain and his team, about what energies you’re working with this month, how to heal stuff that’s coming up, and how to flow more gracefully with the challenges we’re facing in everyday life.
  • Integrate the Aquarian Rays of Value into your Consciousness (Mind), your Energetics (Heart), and into your Beingness (Body), as well as support the downloading of these healing vibrations through the Planetary Grids for all of humanity and the Earth.

As I read this description, while I know it’s accurate, I feel like it’s just one of those hard classes to put into words because it is so rich with content. In truth, these Aquarian Attunements have been transformative, and the generosity of the Aquarian guides (in their messages and healings) has enriched our lives, opened our minds and hearts greater than I thought possible, and supported us through many changes and alignments this year.

Now, in the heart of the Summer Solstice, I can’t wait to connect with them again and celebrate the season of Light, and I hope you will join me for some added Summer VALUE!


My friends, this is my birthday month, and I will be taking a little bit of very precious and deeply valuable ME time off at the end of the month and through the first week of July. Classes will remain scheduled as usual, but if you don’t hear from me for a minute, that’s why. I wish you all a most valuable end of June, and I’ll see you in July!!

Namaste BeUtiful BEings!
Love and blessings to you and yours!!
Lee Ann Somers

Here’s a peek at what’s to come in July…

July’s BEING U Aquarian theme is BEING VIGILANT which by traditional definitions means to always BE on alert, waiting and watching for something to happen. While this is spun towards the negative connotation in everyday life, as in watch out for danger or threat, the Aquarian team means to call our attention to the exact opposite. They want us to practice BEING VIGILANT positively, and so this month our programs are designed to address this theme from multiple angles. As Spiritual BEings having a Human experience, we can hone our energetic VIGILANCE to not only anticipate goodness to come to us, but to also PRO-create “the good stuff”.

BEING U Spiritual Maintenance Plan is a great way to learn more about BEING VIGILANT as we connect with the Archangels, Masters, Guides, and Teachers of the Rays in our weekly Monday night program from 7-8pm.

Monday, July 5th – In Week 1’s Healing with the Archangels, The Archangels are Masters of VIGILANCE! Image how unwaveringly they pay close and continuous attention to all the areas of specialty that they watch over, including you. Imagine the state of LOVE and MINDFULNESS that their VIGILANT service to humanity requires. Because of this, I have asked them to teach us about Vigilance, and they offered to create a very special message night. So and after a brief opening meditation, I will channel a personal message to all in attendance from an Archangel guardian of yours about what is most important for you to be Vigilant about this month.

Monday, July 12th – In Week 2’s Working with the Ascended Masters, I have a special treat for you! We’re going to meet with and learn from a phenomenal being named BABAJI! He is a Master Teacher of Master Teachers, and he has trained all the greats out there in Spirit from Jesus to Buddha, and tonight he wants to train you to MEDITATE with VIGILANCE. You’d be surprised how easy it is to meditate with Babaji’s meditation help, hacks, and healings. We’ll help you troubleshoot what’s not working, and guide you to what does so you can drop into deep states of PEACE and BLISS.

Monday, July 19th – In Week 3’s Alchemy with the 7 Rays, I’d like to help you experience a very deep synergy/oneness with what my guides are calling your personal RAY of VIGILANCE. What they mean by this is that there is a particular quality from one of the 7 Rays that is VIGILANTLY watching over some aspect of you right now. For example, you might be going through a challenge that this Ray can support you with, or you might be spiritually focusing on a life lesson that falls under the guidance of this particular Ray at this time. So tonight’s program will not only include our guided meditation to help you connect to your Ray of Vigilance that is most needed by you, but I will also give you messages from your RAY of VIGILANCE about what it means to you in this NOW moment and how to work with it. 

Monday, July 26th – In Week 4’s Energetic Clearing, we are going to correct your energy’s “OVER-VIGILANCE”, that is to say vigilance in the negative sense. If your guard is always up as if you’re on high alert ready to defend yourself energetically from all stressors of the world including the psychic invaders, then this class is for YOU! This includes but isn’t limited to: if you have a hot temper, experience over-protectiveness, have OCD tendencies, experience occasional anxiety, panic attacks, temper tantrums insomnia or restless sleep, or generally too much worry, insecurity, or fear, or even physical/mental/emotional inflammation, we’ll be clearing the energy tonight!  

As always, you may wish to join in for the whole Spiritual Maintenance Plan for July or for just the evenings that resonate with you! SMP is my way of contributing to your Spiritual Practices, and I am always honored to be a part of your training and Self-Mastery!


Here’s a few tips for applying the Aquarian Vibes for JULY:

  • Pay attention to what you pay attention to and to how long you can pay attention…in other words how strong is your spiritual muscle of VIGILANCE? Does your attention jump all over the place or are you able to concentrate vigilantly for extended periods of time.
  • Train your VIGILANCE muscle by performing small acts of concentration for as long as you can….such as staring at a candle flame until your attention wanders, then come back to the flame again and again.
  • Our guides in Spirit have said many times that we humans give up on our intentions and dreams right before they come into manifestation. Ask you guides this month, “Did I stop feeding a goal or dream 5 minutes too soon?” Often our energetic investments are sitting on hold waiting for us to come and pick them back up from the etheric plane, so ask for guidance to see if you can pick up where you left off, and enlist assistance to vigilantly go that last mile and complete your process.
  • Create a VIGIL –Vigils are often times simple rituals, ceremonies, or prayers, such as staying awake, the lighting of a candle or saying of a prayer with purpose and intention.  Vigil actually means awakeness, and a Vigil can be used to raise awareness of a cause, to motivate a change, or to watch over a loved one in need. My suggestion for this month is to create a VIGIL for yourself or some aspect of SELF that you would like to awaken…perhaps the healer within or an answer to a challenging situation or a deeper state of inner abundance or to have a REAL experience with Archangel Michael or another guide…the sky’s the limit so have fun with this!



This is a one intensive workshop from 10 am – 6 pm LIVE on Zoom or by Replay.


July’s BEING U AQUARIAN ATTUNEMENT Series will undoubtable be another consciousness expanding opportunity to connect to the Aquarian Flame that has been pumping amazing vibrations into our Planetary Grids and Personal Auras all year long!

July’s Aquarian Attunement will be held on SATURDAY July 24th from 10am-1pm and our program will be packed with channeled guided meditations and messages from the Aquarian Team in Spirit designed to attune you to the available energetic upgrades, spiritual downloads, and multi-layered blessings from the RAYS of VIGILANCE.

I have to say that month to month the Aquarian Age Rays seems to be getting, shall I say, thicker and thicker? It’s as if they are becoming more and more tangible as palpable layers of strength, wisdom and love are being built in our cores and in our auras. I’m sure you’re feeling this grounding of spiritual energy into this reality as much as I am and that you are also sensing really deep inner shifting that this process has been causing. Because of this I have requested an extra dispensation for healing and integration for us in this Aquarian Attunement from the guides, and they have gladly answered the call to help. So if you’ve been overwhelmed energetically, this one’s for you, even if you haven’t attended this Series before. All are always welcome!