Happy Spring! Happy March!

NAMASTE beUtiful BEings!!

With all my heart I wish you a beUtiful April!

I love this time of year ~ As the Season of Spring brings everything back to life, we often find “a new Spring in our step” and we “Spring into action.”

The world around us wakes up, and there is new life force energy everywhere we turn! It’s as if the world has rested and reenergized and now it’s time to crank up the energy and create, create, create!!!


It’s so appropriate that our BEING U Aquarian energy theme for this month is VITALITY AND VIGOR!

As you know, we have been receiving and integrating new waves of spiritual life force energy into our Light Minds/Bodies/Spirits each month in 2021 from the Aquarian Flame that has been lit for all the Earthly Realm since the Winter Solstice of 2020.

These Aquarian energies downloading into our consciousness have allowed us to sync with the power, wisdom, and energy of this Age and to balance ourselves layer by layer, month to month. So now, this month we are being blessed with Aquarian level of Vitality and Vigor to energize the many aspects of our lives.


At the beginning of 2021, I shared with you that the for many years Lightworkers have been doing the trainings and practices, intentions, and manifestation work to create blessings in their lives and yet had commonly expressed frustration of doing all the right things and not necessarily reaping the rewards. To which the Aquarian team explained that energy of our prayers has been redirected, somewhat covertly but with our higher selves’ permission, to the mission of lighting the Aquarian flame instead. Now that the Flame has been lit, the entire Universe would be able to make it up to us so to speak and seriously start to tangibly produce the results we’ve all been investing in. Simply put, we’ve been lending the Universe our creative energy and now it’s going to come back with interest!

You might already be feeling the thickness of the energy of this year as I am. The substance of the vibes has a more substantial texture, as if we’re surrounded by a layer of ASKASHA (Spiritual energy) rather than surrounded by air. The Aquarian chi has provided and infused with extra umph, and April begins the Aquarian process of charging up this chi with Vitality and Vigor. Keep in mind that this is part of the larger plan to build “VICTORIOUS BEINGNESS” to all, and we should all be keeping that shift in mind and co-creating consciously our unfolding path ahead. 

The word VITALITY speaks to physical and mental aliveness and brings in feelings of being energized, capable, meaningful, and on purpose. VIGOR seems similar in definition as it describes physical and mental strength also, but it leans towards active movement and expression derived from a state of healthiness in mind and body. To be honest, I was a bit confused why we needed two frequency names that were so similar, so when I asked the Aquarian team, they distinguished the two explaining that Vitality is raw pure plentiful energized life force substance and Vigor was the use of this energy in application.  They decided to download both vibrations simultaneously to provide not only the tangible energy to us, but also the indescribable consciousness and the undefinable force necessary to this energy and convert it usably into actual momentum, acceleration, application, production, results, etc.


Let me put this energetic gift to you in simple terms….

Practically speaking, your spiritual bank accounts are being filled with the so much VITALITY, and now it’s up to you to choose to cash in and use your blessings, or shall I say, BE VIGOUROUS!

You are probably going to feel a massive increase in your wanting to DO SOMETHING, and perhaps even something BIG!! Go for it!!!! For me, I got hit with wave about a week ago when my other half decided after 4 years of planning and putting off and saving and planning and putting off again and again that we are launching a whole house remodeling job! Lucky for me, he’s a contractor and low and behold overnight, the house is getting boxed up, and we’re breaking ground next week. I truly feel like the Aquarian energy that I have been cultivating in the last few months has moved in and taken over as if to say out with the old, in with the Aquarian NEW!!

I was told by my team not to be attached to ANYTHING as blessings are available in every department, and after a brief negotiation about my crystal collection, I agreed to unconditional release and unconditional receivership.

(By the way, if any of you are looking for a few pieces of furniture for your home, I’ll have a few blessings to pay forward in the months ahead.)

That’s just one example of what I have been inspired to do this month. More on changes to come in future emails, but suffice it to say for now, that the Universe of my BEING and your BEINGS are shifting!!


Here’s a few tips for applying the Aquarian Vibes for April:

  • Watch for blessings (and unconditionally receive them), and BE a blessing for others in inspired ways
  • SPRING into action — Have you been waiting for the right time to start a project/business/goal/dream/way of BEing? Today’s the day so get to it!
    Ask yourself, “Do my outsides match my insides?”

I truly believe that “As you do outside, so to do you do inside.” And that “As you do inside, so to must it be done on the outside.” While as you clean, organize, plant, or redecorate in your outer world, dedicate it to doing the same to some part of your inner world. For example, let’s say that you want to improve a relationship and plant new hope, perhaps you can plant a tree (an outward action) to create tangibly your inner intention. Or if you’re ready to release a habit/pattern/belief/behavior/etc. in some department of your life, find a way to express that outwardly and VIGOROUSLY act accordingly. I call this prayer in action, and any intention that you have can be energized with action to create permanent results. Don’t forget to invite the Universe to help!

  • VITALIZE parts of your mind/body/spirit/life that have been in neglect or disrepair. Perhaps it’s time to hit the gym or exercise. Perhaps your spiritual practices need a makeover. Perhaps it’s time to focus on a higher vibe or different energetic priorities than you’ve been focusing on lately. If you’ve plateaued temporarily in the abundance department, for example, switch gears and pump some VITALITY into JOY or PEACE or HUMILITY or another awesome vibe.


There are many opportunities to energize your BEING this month in our ongoing programs.

If you haven’t already tried out the BEING U Spiritual Maintenance Plan on Monday evenings from 7pm-8pm, this month is a great opportunity to tune in.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

Monday, April 5th – In Week 1’s Healing with the Archangels, Have you ever wondered what energy the Angels and Archangels are energized with? Then, this week’s meditation is for you!

We will ask the Archangels questions like “What vitalizes the Archangels?” and “Can we experience their Angelic VITALITY in our human bodies?” and receive a taste of their energy.

Join me this evening to experience a true Angelic healing from all of these incredible Light Beings.

Monday, April 12th – In Week 2’s Working with the Ascended Masters, we will open a forum of conversation with the Masters and Teachers to receive individualized messages from them about how to improve your Vitality and Vigor. Each participant will receive direct messages from your Ascended Master Guides to answer your questions or to give you messages for any aspects of your life that is for your highest and best good. 

Monday, April 19th – In Week 3’s Alchemy with the 7 Rays, I want to take you into the heart of St. Germain’s Violet Ray Sacred Retreat to be inVIGORated and reVITALIZED. Deep in the heart of Mt. Shasta, there is an etheric retreat where Lightworkers can come to learn directly from St. Germain and he has a special treat in store for you! I’m sworn to secrecy, but you don’t want to miss this one!

Monday, April 26th – In Week 4’s Energetic Clearing, we are going do some maintenance work on your Earth Star Chakra, your energetic roots and Earthly meridians, and through your Earthly grids. Many Lightworkers need help transmuting their Earthly Karmic influences that prevent them from truly grounding their aspirations into the Earthly realm. This can cause one to feel quite disconnected, lonely, homesick, insecure, dis-heartened, and many other things including a feeling of powerlessness or not belonging here on this planet, and even Soul level malnourishment. This week’s energy healing will reVITALIZE and inVIGORate your Earthly connection, giving you access to worldly supply and abundance and help you to embrace humanity as a spiritual playground for your consciousness.

You can join in LIVE or by REPLAY for the whole Spiritual Maintenance Plan for April for $33 or for just the evenings ($11 for each class) that call to your Spirit, as your heart wishes! Week to week you get to bask in the BeUty of your Light, nourish your Spirit, and take care of YOU!


Once a month BEING U offers a unique opportunity to ATTUNE to the Aquarian frequencies being dispensed from the Spiritual Realms into the Lightbodies of those Earth. This “download,” as I call it, gives us a chance to keep up month to month with the rapidly changing planetary vibrations and facilitates the shifting we are experiencing at the individual, collective and planetary level. I highly recommend you joining this workshop as I have seen a great deal of graceful integration and higher awareness coming through for myself and the attendees in the past months. Those who have taken the workshops are simply having an easier and happier time being in this new Aquarian energy, and I encourage you to consider joining in.    

This month’s Aquarian Attunement is all about receiving the RAYS of VITALITY AND VIGOR, messages about these powerful frequencies, guidance on how to use and channel them for practical application in your daily life, and to support the grounding and distribution of these energies for the collective. This month’s Aquarian Attunement will truly be an opportunity for deep healing and transformation in all areas of the mind, body, and spirit!

Join us live on Zoom on Sunday, April 11th from 10:30 am – 2 pm for $44 or receive the replay.


This month we are switching things up a bit for the Masterclass and featuring a full 1-Day Webinar Workshop rather than the usual four evening format.


This will be a 1-Day Webinar style workshop from 10am-6pm including breaks throughout the day.

This workshop is designed to support Lightworkers at any stage of your spiritual awakening and integration process. The journey from having a spiritual awakening to achieving Self-Mastery/Realization is one that involves ever unfolding stages of healing, initiation, integration, and personal development. SPIRTUAL ALCHEMY 101 will unravel the process, center you on your path, and answer many of your questions. It will also provide you with a number of initiations and spiritual resources so that you have all the tools you need to successfully empower your life, open your heart, integrate your higher-self and connect to your Source.

Here’s a look at some of what’s to come….

  • Learn to open your energetic Channel to connect to your Divine Source and to ground into your Earthly connection
  • Access the 7 Rays of Consciousness and to step into your MASTERY training
  • Learn a simple daily practice to balance, protect, and shield your energy and learn to keep yourself spiritually connected so you can practice living consciously
  • Meet your personal team in Spirit including your Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and Teachers who are here to help you accelerate your healing and spiritual integration
  • Receive the 3-Fold Flame Initiation and harmonize the 3 divine aspects of your BEING
  • Discover which of the 7 Rays is your Life Path Ray. This is the Ray that has enormous influence on your spiritual purpose and the lessons you are here to learn. It also reveals the talents and strengths that you must develop, and the way you are meant to serve in this lifetime.
  • Expand your Lightbody to be able to hold and sustain more high vibrational life force energy and empower yourself with greater Love, Happiness, Peace, and all Good Things!!

This is going to be a wonderful opportunity to really find out what it means to be on a spiritual path, to learn about the different stages of awakening, and to work with your team in Spirit to take it to the next level, no matter where on the path you find yourself. This class will be for all levels and will be flexible based on the needs of the attendees. There will also be time for questions and answers, and, as always, we will follow the Grace and Guidance of Spirit to unfold whatever is in our Highest and Best.

I love being open-minded and open-hearted for a workshop like this, because the possibilities are limitless!! I look forward to shining brighter than ever with you beUtiful Awakening Masters!!

My beUtiful friends, it is VITAL for me to tell you one more thing! THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!!!!

You VITALIZE me with your VIGOR and steadfastness, and I cherish ever opportunity to shine our Light and Love together!

With all my heart, NAMASTE and I wish you a Vigorous April!

Lee Ann Somers