Hi beautiful BEings!  

July is a wonderful time of year to count our blessings for the Freedom that we enjoy in our lives, and it offers us a reminder to BE FREE!!

Is there anything this month that holds you back from BEing the YOU that you want to BE? What limits you and restricts your dreams from taking off? What fears might you overcome this month to create breakthroughs in your life? What parts of you have yet to be unleashed from within that you can set free to explore?

All these questions come to my heart for myself this time of year and I challenge you to open your mind to something new and fresh! I encourage you to break free of your routines, to think outside of the box, to dare to ride the edge of what’s silly and perhaps absurd, and see what lives inside of you beyond the grasp of scarcity and judgement.

Speaking of changes, we have a big one coming up in August for Being U…..In case you haven’t heard yet, our building was sold to a new landlord who needs the entire property for their purposes. So we will be moving out at the end of August and regrouping for our next chapter. Classes and Private sessions will be rerouted to our home in Dania Beach until further notice, and after Lee Ann returns from her 4th tour in Japan ( from August-September), we will create more permanent plans. We appreciate your patience and support while we make this as graceful a transition as possible.

There are still a few great opportunities to enjoy Being U through the 1st week in August so please check out our events at Being U this month, and be sure to mark your calendars to attend our closing ceremony.

Here are some highlights:


Join Lee Ann for “THE VIOLET RAY” journey and meet the Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst and the Ascended Masters St. Germain and Lady Portia!  This is the 7th Ray in the series but ALL ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND. The Violet Ray is the flame of transmutation, justice, freedom, liberty, and righteousness. It has the ability to alchemically shift you into your highest potential and to align you with benevolence, balance, and massive creative power. This is a 3-PART Series including Saturday July 29th – Sunday July 30th and a follow up evening for integration on Tuesday August 1st. 


“SPEAKING WITH SPIRIT” will be on Thursday JULY 27th this month. Please reserve your spot early as seats are limited and reservations must be made in advance.
(12 PPL MAX)


Marguerite Pizzati – “Crystal Skull Meditation Circle” – Monday JULY 17th
Caroline Hardenbergh – “Violet Flame Invocation Night” – Tuesday JULY 18th
KANE – “A Clearing Journey Through the Chakras”  – Saturday JULY 22nd

YOGA – blend of gentle Flow and Restorative Yoga with Carolina Russ – TUESDAYS at 10

Congratulations to the REIKI MASTERS IN TRAINING! We’ve officially made it to our half way point and completed the first Reiki Master Attunement! Keep up the great work.

REIKI 1 will be held on SAT& SUN JULY 22nd & 23rd at Crystal Vision.
Call 954-981-4992 to reserve your seat.

All merchandise is 30% off this month in honor of our moving sale so now’s a great time to stock up on all your Rock Stars, clothing, jewelry, etc!
(Excludes: Genesa Crystals, Consignment Items, and Organite)

MEMBERSHIP DUES WILL BE SUSPENDED for July and August due to the move. Thank you to all our loyal members for being YOU!! All class prices for this month are at the previous membership rates (when booked in advance) to thank you all for your patronage.

CLOSING CEREMONY – AUGUST 4th 7:30pm  – Please join us for a closing ceremony to seal the Galactic 3-Fold Flame that we lit at our opening Consecration Ceremony 1 year ago. This evening will be dedicated to share our gratitudes, to receiving blessings from our friends in Spirit for the work that we have participated in throughout the year, and to bless and say good bye to our beautiful spiritual home.
All are welcome even if you’ve never been to Being U.
Snacks for sharing and extra Kleenex (LOL) are always welcome.

JAPAN TOUR FALL 2017 – Please know that I will be heading back to Tokyo for my 4th Tour from August 20th – September 20th during which time classes and private sessions will be temporarily on hiatus. Please be sure to book your 1 on 1 time with me early as my schedule is always packed before I leave on a big trip. Thanks for your help on this!

I wish you all a generous, victorious, and heart touching month filled with love and amazement and perhaps a  renewed sense of free-spiritedness!
Don’t ever let anyone or anything dim your light or your sense of purpose!
Remember, I believe in YOU!!

With all my heart,
Lee Ann Somers



June Calendar of Events

Hi beautiful BEings!  Happy June & Happy Summer Solstice!
Check out our events at Being U this month….here are some highlights:

Join Lee Ann for a Golden Ruby Ray journey and meet the Archangels Uriel and Aurora allow them to empower your inner fire and awaken your galactic solar plexus resources in “The Golden Ruby Ray” workshop.   This 4-PART Series starts on JUNE 10th

For all those who have been asking for it, “AKASHIC RECORDS – LEVEL 1” is finally here!! Join me on Saturday and Sunday JUNE 17 & 18 to expand your psychic radar and learn to tap into this amazing resource of wisdom and guidance.

Kick off the Summer Solstice with a “Galactic Grids Meditation: SUMMER SOLSTICE” on JUNE 20th.

“SPEAKING WITH SPIRIT” will be on JUNE 22nd this month. Please reserve your spot early as seats are limited and reservations must be made in advance.

Join Kane for his “Working With Crystals an Crystal Wands” and learn to cleanse and use all manners of these wonderful spiritual energy conductors!  – JUNE 24th
Caroline Hardenbergh“Violet Flame Invocation and Meditation Night” – June 27th
Marguerite Pizzati – for a “Crystal Skull Meditation Circle” – June 29th

YOGA – a blend of gentle Flow and Restorative Yoga with Carolina – TUESDAYS at 10
SHAKTI DANCE – a beautiful blend of yoga and dance to help you get your groove on with Andrea – MONDAYS at 10:30 & FRIDAYS at 7:30

Congratulations to all the new REIKI MASTERS IN TRAINING! We’ve officially  launched our LTC Reiki Master Training and I’m so honored to be apart of your journey and growth. For those of you who are looking to take Reiki 1 and begin your journey, mark your calendars for July 22 & 23rd.

Brand new Crystal Wands are in and on special this month! Enjoy 25% off all of our Crystal Wands this month and enjoy learning about how to use them with Kane in his Crystal Workshop this month.

I wish you all a heart warming and spirit firing up month of JUNE!
Use the heat this summer to inspire your inner fire to ignite your passion and purpose for Being YOU and think outside of the box to create more joy for yourself this month!

With all my heart,
Lee Ann Somers

BEING U June Calendar.xls

MAY 2017 – Being U Calendar

Hi beautiful BEings!  Happy MAY!
Check out our events at Being U this month….here are some highlights:

We are glad to welcome Sandy Ingham – special guest medium & Spirit Artist and her guide LEO for a wonderful evening demonstration of her Spirit Art & Mediumship and for private sessions.

Join Lee Ann for a Green Ray journey and meet the Archangels Raphael and Mary and allow them to open up your third eye and high heart chakras in “The Green Ray” workshop.   MAY 20-21 & follow up evening on 30th

Join Kane for his “LEVEL 2 – Energy Clearing Facilitator Training” and deepen your flow and healing with Spirit. (Pre-requisite: LEVEL 1)  – MAY 27 & 28

Marguerite Pizzati – for a Crystal Skull Meditation Circle on the 11th
Carolina Russ – for an amazing Sound Bowl Healing on the 18th
Caroline Hardenbergh – Violet Flame Invocation and Meditation Night on the 23rd

YOGA – a blend of gentle Flow and Restorative Yoga with Carolina – TUESDAYS at 10
PILATES – strengthen  your core and do strength training with Emily – MONDAYS at 7
SHAKTI DANCE – a beautiful blend of yoga and dance to help you get your groove on with Andrea – MONDAYS at 10:30 & FRIDAYS at 7:30

Starting in June, I am heading up Crystal Vision & LTC’s program for  LTC Reiki Master Training. This is a class that is only offered every 1 1/2 – 2 years and lasts for 2 months. If you are an Advanced Practitioner of Loving Touch Center and would like to attend please contact me for the Application and course details by June 1st.

RockStars are on sale this month! Take $10 off ANY RockStar from our collection. Regular price is $45, sale price is $35. We just got brand new designs!!

I wish you all an incredible, happy, lively and empowered month of MAY!
Don’t forget to make time for you and your spiritual well being – no one else will & your deserve it!

With all my heart,
Lee Ann Somers


FEEL THE LOVE Celebration Tonight at BEING U

Hey beautiful BEings,
I’m home and I missed you!


We’ll create a sacred circle of soul friends and soul mates to:

* empower each others prayers, wishes and dreams for love to come true;
* express our gratitudes for the love in our lives;
* work with the laws of attraction to draw in the enrichment of Love;
* and open our souls to even more with the help of our guides in Spirit
through a loving guided meditation.

I hope you can make it!
Tonight – Thursday, February 16th at 7:30pm

You’re always in my heart and surrounded by so much LOVE!
Can you FEEL IT?

Lee Ann

Click Here to Register


Gong Meditation TONIGHT & Transformational Breathwork TOMORROW

Namaste beautiful BEings,
I have two amazing healing opportunities with some amazing Goddesses coming up!

Please join me this evening to welcome Jiwan Kaur and enjoy her beautiful Sacred Gong Meditation and some light Kundalini yoga stretches. If you’ve never experienced a gong meditation, you don’t want to miss this!! I know that you are going to love Jiwan’s energy and the sound of the Gong which will take you deep into your peaceful inner sanctuary.

And then tomorrow,  Saturday, I welcome you to join me for a Transformational Breathwork Workshop with Lorraine Meyer, another beautiful soul, who will teach you how to breath deeply into your BEing and to experience deep clearing and blessings. Miraculous healing took place at her last event and I can’t wait to see what happens next!
I hope to see you tonight at Being U from 7:30-9:30pm tonight with Jiwan or Tomorrow with Lorraine from 1-4pm!
All my love,
Lee Ann



Don’t miss KANE tomorrow…

Don’t miss tomorrow with KANE!!
Last chance to register for the “Clearing Negative Interference and Self Protection” Workshop with one of the most incredible teachers I have ever met.

We’ll be at Being U this SATURDAY from 11am – 5pm opening our channels to become brighter and brighter. The fact of the matter is that we don’t really know what is interfering with our positive energy and our forward progress. There are so many ways that our energy can get drained or manipulated. Learning to identify these interferences under someone like Kane’s guidance makes something difficult, very easy and light, and it frees you up to live to your fullest potential.

Kane has lovingly support me in dealing with some of my hardest interferences and I know he will do the same for you!

I hope you will consider joining me tomorrow to not only learn but to also receive clearings from him.

All my love and light!
Lee Ann Somers