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Lee Ann Somers has been a spiritual channel for the teachings of the Archangels and Ascended Masters of the Seven Cosmic Healing Rays since 2004. After her spiritual awakening in 1998, these incredible beings of Love and Light began guiding Lee Ann through every step of her spiritual journey, and now, she lovingly channels their energy, messages, and teachings to others through her classes, workshops, private sessions, guided meditations, sacred sites tours and meditation retreats.

Lee Ann is a “Lightworker for Lightworkers” and she genuinely cares about your spiritual Mastery.  She works with her Guides to help seekers of Truth and Light to find greater connection, happiness, empowerment, peace, healing and unconditional love. She can help you to awaken and nurture the authentic Divine Being that you are, and give you to access your inner treasures and tools, your soul purpose, and limitless spiritual resources and divine connection to the higher realms.

In addition to Lee Ann’s training in the Akashic Realms with her Master Teachers and Guides,

she also holds the following certifications and degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Florida International University – 1999
  • LTC Traditional Usui Sr. Reiki Master Teacher under Director Myrna Farbiash of Loving Touch Center & Crystal Vision and has been teaching Reiki 1/2/AP/RM classes since 2004.
  • Level 3 Akashic Record Reading in 2005
  • Member of the House of Kwan Shih Yin from Loving Touch Center in 2007
  • Reconnective Healing® & The Reconnection® with Dr. Eric Pearl in 2013
  • Angel Card Reader under Doreen Virtue since 2014.

Contact me at:
You can also call or text me at 954/665-6193.